YouCopia UpSpace Water Bottle


Material Stainless Steel, Plastic
Color White
Brand YouCopia
Item Weight 1.1 Pounds
Capacity 10 Pounds

About this item

  • Organize water bottles, travel mugs, baby bottles and more. With specially designed shelves, you can maximize vertical space in your cabinets by storing bottles horizontally on their side.
  • Adjustable shelves can accommodate all sizes of bottles – even travel mugs with handles and larger sport bottles. Short on space? Just place shelves closer together for a tighter fit.
  • Sturdy steel wires and non-slip feet mean you can store all your bottles without worrying about them toppling over.
  • The Bottle Organizer doesn’t require any tools or installation. Just place wire legs in base, snap in shelves, and you’re ready to load your bottles. One-minute organization is easy like that!
  • UpSpace Bottle Organizer measures 7.5” deep, 11.4” wide, and 7.4” tall. Made from high quality, BPA-free plastic with non-slip feet.


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