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Relationship Driven Sales


Following all Minimum Advertised Pricing is a MUST at CJ Creatives. Brands and distributors have the right to set the price they want their products sold for, and we will do everything possible to ensure this happens.

Sales Maximization

CJ Creatives takes pride in what we sell. Your brand will be well shown, well stocked, and well represented by yours truly. We believe in upholding the image of the brands we carry as if it were our own. 

Building Your Brand

When you succeed, we succeed. We don’t want to simply sell your products. Helping you to build your brand image, and business, is a top priority. 

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Selling With you, For You

CJ Creatives specializes in selling products online. This includes third party platforms, such as Amazon, and more soon to come. 

One of our biggest priorities is ensuring that we are improving or maintaining the public image of the brands we represent. 

Our goal is not to just be “another seller”. We want to help you sell more. We want to succeed, together. 

About Us

From horses, to cars. From newspapers, to smartphones. From cash, to card. At CJ Creatives, we understand advancing trends, especially in retail. In 2020, retail E-commerce markets brought in an astounding $4 trillion in revenue. This number is only increasing, which is a clear indication of where the market is headed. Our goal is to work alongside established brands who wish to bring their sales, image, and future, to the next level.

We are a small team, who is making the jump into this massive market. We aim to learn, grow, and expand into all available outlets that E-commerce has to offer. Through third party platforms, there is an enormous room for growth of sales online. Join us, and we will show you that in this space, the sky is the limit.

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